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Used in schools nationwide, the Healthy Relationships 101 curriculum teaches students to articulate their needs and feelings without blame and judgment, and to listen empathically. These communication skills foster greater critical thinking, empathy, and respect, and most importantly, help prevent bullying.


"The Healthy Relationships 101 program had a significant impact on our students. The program not only encourages critical thinking, but enables students to feel safe and confident in their self-expression."

— Assistant Principal, City-As School


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The Relationship Foundation's Guidebook is being used in domestic violence prevention facilities, mental health clinics, women's centers, drug rehab clinics, and correctional facilities. The guidebook provides tools for developing empathy and effective communication skills that foster strong and supportive relationships with family, friends, and coworkers.


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The Relationship Foundation has published a book that covers many of the subjects in our curriculum and guidebook. Most importantly, as described in our curriculum, you learn how to practice communicating your needs and feelings without blame and judgment and to listen with care, compassion, and presence. The book builds awareness of the challenges we face in all of our relationships: friends, family, coworkers, and significant others. It offers solutions to creating ease and harmony in all of these relationships.


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Healthy Relationships 101 teaches students a dynamic set of social skills that cultivate character development and support thriving and healthy relationships in all areas of students' lives. The semester-long course covers a wide range of topics including:


     • Effective Communication Tools

     • Bullying Prevention

     • Empathy

     • Healthy Boundaries

     • Media Influence on Relationships

     • Identifying and Avoiding Abusive Relationships

     • Communication Technology and Relationships

     • Texting and Interpersonal Communication


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