The Difference Empathy Can Make

"Healthy Relationships 101" is an 11-session course that teaches participants a dynamic set of social and communicative skills that cultivate character development and support thriving, healthy relationships in participants' lives. The guidebook explore the following topics:


     • Effective Communication Tools

     • Bullying Prevention

     • Empathy

     • Healthy Boundaries

     • Media Influence on Relationships

     • Preventing Cycles of Abuse

     • Communication Technology and Relationships

     • Texting and Interpersonal Communication


This program utilizes assignments, interactive coursework, journal writing and role-playing exercises. The coursework helps participants discover how to express their feelings and define relationships based on their core values. We  also offer a teacher version for classroom settings.


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$220 includes:


• 70 page Guidebook

• Zip folder with over 20 handouts

• Paperback copy of our companion book

Healthy Relationships 101


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