About The Relationship Foundation

Our Mission

The Relationship Foundation is an education nonprofit dedicated to creating safer and more successful New York City high schools by implementing the Trauma-Informed school approach. We have developed a curriculum and training program for educators entitled Healthy Relationships 101. This program equips teachers to create safe and healthy school environments with an emphasis on cultivating caring and stable relationships with their students through a communication skill set known as Nonviolent Communication. Our approach is foundational in teaching students how to identify and effectively regulate their emotions, establish healthy boundaries, listen empathically, and communicate respectfully.

Our Vision

We envision a nationwide movement that establishes Relationship Education as a core component of the learning process.

About Us

The Relationship Foundation (TRF) focuses on youth and community development by enhancing critical thinking, respect, and empathic listening skills. TRF founder Michael Jascz, along with a team of educators and psychologists, developed a curriculum entitled Healthy Relationships 101. This work provides students with communication skills that empower them to express confidence, leadership, and empathy in all of their relationships. The program is based on the work of Clinical Psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, PhD who developed a communication skill set called Nonviolent Communication (NVC). NVC provides tools to identify and articulate one's needs and feelings without blame and judgment and to listen empathically. Our program also addresses social issues such as avoiding cycles of abuse, bullying prevention, and healthy boundaries.

Our curriculum has reached thousands of students through workshops, assemblies, and classes. We have introduced it into schools throughout New York City and nationally, facilitating seminars and workshops for both teachers and administrators. The Relationship Foundation also offers a professional development program for teachers, administrators, and organizations. Our work has also been beneficial to social service agencies and community groups.

Our History

In December 2007, Michael Jascz, a relationship coach in New York City, was invited to speak to a group of high school students in Manhattan. After the presentation, a school counselor emailed the principal saying that he had not before seen a group of students transformed in 42 minutes in his 10 years at the school. Subsequently, the school invited Michael to teach “Relationship Education” as a component of their health education classes. As the year progressed, the staff recognized the magnitude of the student's transformation into empathetic listeners and critical thinkers.

The Relationship Foundation was formally established in the 2008-2009 school year.