Student Feedback

“I learned the difference between a healthy relationship and an abusive relationship.”

— Female 11th grade student

“I’m now more considerate than I was at the beginning of this course. I feel for others and I can empathize more.”

— Female 9th grade student

"This course taught me to look at the other person’s perspective so that you can better understand them.”

Male 11th grade student

"I have been taught today that feelings and needs are okay. It is okay our feelings without being any less of a man.”

Male 11th grade student

“The course made me think about other people’s feelings and how I treat them.”

Male 9th grade student

"It definitely helped with my relationship with my girlfriend. I stay more calm now when I’m angry and I’m becoming more understanding.”

Male 12th grade student

“I used to think love, respect and trust was all that’s needed but no, acceptance, responsibility, and communication are also required to be in a fulfilling relationship with me.”

Female 12th grade student

"This course will help me in my future relationships because I will be able to give myself options and think from the other person’s perspective. “

— Female 11th grade student