Professional Development (Teacher Training)

Our Teacher Training Program teaches educators how to incorporate Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies into their classrooms. It provides a detailed curriculum, including instructions and exercises, that prepares them to teach "Healthy Relationships 101" to their students and co-workers. The program focuses primarily on the unique social and emotional challenges that students face every day.

Through this training, educators learn communication skills and practices that foster the students’ ability to engage in healthy inter-relating. It also provides teachers with insight into their students’ needs and feelings with particular emphasis on how modern culture affects their relationships and self-esteem.

This program includes printed materials, handouts, and resources that enhance respectful communication skills and understanding. These skills benefit communications between students, parents, administrators, and fellow teachers.

We also work with various organizations that serve communities in need. Trainings are given to professionals in social service agencies and organizations. The Relationship Foundation has provided trainings and resources to mental health providers, social workers, and counselors. Our curriculum has, therefore, found its way into domestic violence shelters, mental health clinics, and drug rehab centers. For example, our guidebook was recently ordered by a victim advocate center at an army base in South Carolina.

We equip facilitators with communication skills through these trainings, enabling them to motivate and engage their clients in new and exciting ways.

For more information and for prices on any of our programs, please call (212) 477-0522.