Healthy Relationships 101: Curriculum for Teachers

Healthy Relationships 101: Curriculum for Teachers

by The Relationship Foundation


Formats: print and pdf

“I recommend the book as a guide to bringing kindness and empathy into focus of what is really important in our interactions with others.”

- Jim Sporleder, Principal of Lincoln High, Featured in the documentary Paper Tigers

Incorporated into school curricula, the Healthy Relationships 101 curriculum fosters greater critical thinking, empathy and respect and, most importantly, plays a key role in bully prevention.

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More about Healthy Relationships 101: Curriculum for Teachers

"Healthy Relationships 101" teaches a dynamic set of social and communicative skills that cultivate character development and support thriving, healthy relationships in the lives of all students.

The curriculum and guidebook explore the following topics:

  • Effective Communication Tools
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Empathy
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Media Influence on Relationships
  • Identifying and Avoiding Abusive Relationships
  • Communication Technology and Relationships
  • Texting and Interpersonal Communication

This program utilizes assignments, interactive coursework, role-playing exercises and optional journal writing assignments. The coursework helps students and participants discover how to express their feelings and define relationships based on their core values. We offer a Curriculum for classroom settings and a Facilitator Guidebook for adult workshops and seminars.

The Relationship Foundation stresses the importance of conducting all classes in a safe, supportive environment and urges discretion and respect among its participants.