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Our Vision

The Relationship Foundation's envisions resilience. Through bringing relationship education to schools we help students, teachers, and communities build resilience to trauma by building positive relationships that allow them to thrive and improve behavioral, academic, and life outcomes. It is our mission to spread the teachings of Nonviolent Communication, Social Emotional Learning, and the awareness of the impact of trauma. Through education our organization aims to transform resilience among all.


The Missing Component in Our Education

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What is Relationship Education?

The Relationship Foundation’s curriculum and workshops provide students and teachers with tools that support relationships to thrive and flourish. Our work is grounded in Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication, a skillset that cultivates the practice of articulating needs and feelings without blame and judgment,  and empathic listening. This fosters greater critical thinking, empathy, and respect which create a more supportive and resilient school.   Read more

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Empathy is an art – the art of listening. We all want to be received. A simple “I hear you” or “Tell me more” opens the possibility for greater connection and harmony.
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Trauma-Sensitive School Approach

Adverse Childhood Experiences have lasting emotional, academic, and health consequences for children. The Trauma-Informed School approach creates an atmosphere of emotional and physical safety that mitigates the effects of ACEs. The Relationship Foundation works within the Trauma-Informed School approach, focusing on Relationship Education as an essential component of building resilience.
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“I used to think love, respect and trust was all that’s needed but no, acceptance, responsibility, and communication are also required to be in a fulfilling relationship with me.”


— Female 12th grade student

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